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About us

There will be no mention of political parties, groups, organizations, current trending topics, or political figures. This website will remain neutral and rather be focusing on methods that can help achieve a balance in politics.

As the author of this website, I have lived the bridge between when we didn’t have internet and today. I remember when the political environment was far less tense and hate-filled. There were simpler sources of information and there was more of an idea exchange that took place. Today, it is war all the time because people never adapted to the change brought upon us by technology.

A method and nothing else

This is not a political movement, but rather a method that can be implemented in our daily lives to help us navigate through these treacherous waters that politics has thrown us into on a daily basis. This is only intended for people who have become miserable due to this constant onslaught. There will be people who won’t find this of interest and that’s fine. We only want those who desire to stop the madness and live a happier life. 

The goal of politics is to divide us. I see politics for what it truly is. This is why I openly boast that I’ve never been correct in politics and I’ll never want to try. To me, it would be a fool’s errand and I’ll show you in our series of videos and additional content why that is. There will be some sacrifices along the way, but it won’t be too much of a bother once I frame it. This I promise you.

Also, I cannot do this alone and will need questions and comments to push the limits of what The Political Survivalist can do. We cannot change politics itself directly, but we can change ourselves AROUND politics.