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Chalkboard that reads "We will not discuss political topics, politicians, ideologies, political parties, labels, or organizations

Doing Politics Differently

Politics is now the number one threat to mental health. Believe it or not, it used to be better. Of course, there were disagreements, but nothing on the scale of what we see today. 

I invite you to take a look at the page. This is a method. Not a party, a group, an organization, or an ideology. My mission is help people recover mental health and make politics a lot more enjoyable.

-The Political Survivalist

man leaving an office with a box of stuff. On the box, it says beliefs. Co-workers in the background are pointing and laughing
It’s Best to Demote Political Beliefs
Political beliefs are both destructive to mental health and an obstacle to intellectual growth. They used to be okay to have before the internet when information sources were simplified. However, once the new technology took off, people didn't adapt. We went from having a few sources of information to a massive explosion of political information.…
a man standing and looking up a wall, showing the man to be small in comparison
People Are Way Too Small for Politics
When a person is talking about politics from any place on the political spectrum, I listen without ever getting angry. There's no point and that's because it's just one person talking. I see a person talking about politics as extremely statistically insignificant. The person I'm listening to is not big enough to be correct, nor…
a man standing in front of a tsunami
Politics is Insanely Massive
Ever hear of the expression "Drinking from a fire hose"? Well, in politics, it's "Sipping from a Tsunami". The amount of information in one day's time will now will no doubt take years and years to sift through. It will crush any person's reason as to why they think they are correct, or better than…