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Resetting Politics

Ever stand back and really look at what the hell is going on here? The level of political turbulence is at an all-time high. It wasn’t this way before!

I can remember that politics never was at this high level of intensity. It was actually way laid back by today’s standards. Prior to the internet, we had simpler forms of information. We had newspapers, magazines, books, radio, and TV. That’s it. Discussions were far more vibrant and far less hateful. We could pretty much get everything we needed in about 30 minutes every day. We exchanged ideas more and we didn’t fight every single opinion that falls outside of our beliefs. The thing is, the newer generations of people never knew what that was like! They have only known conflict.

There is a rot that happened when the internet took over. It created such a massive stockpile that our 24-hour days can no longer keep up. It would take years to get one day’s worth. Plus we no longer can rely on anything anymore because of how divided the country is. The people who put together our information are probably all sorts of jacked up on political tribalism. When it comes down to it, we aren’t being informed anymore. We’re being recruited and then sent into compartments of political parties, ideologies, groups, labels, and organizations. Or as I like to call them, cattle corrals that lead to the same slaughterhouse.

Once people choose a team, politics deteriorate because beliefs intermingle with the chosen team. It is then beliefs choosing friendly information and fiercely fighting different information. Once this takes, then there is no being intelligent in politics, only tribal.

Politics would be dead if it weren’t for the benefactors

Most politics are rotted now with the exception of the life support system. This system is devised for people who get money, power, control, influence, status, fame, etc. These people will do anything and say anything to ensure that the good times keep rolling for them.

What do we get?

Nothing close to what these people get! We get mental health decline, anger, hatred, and a slew of negative characteristics that pit us against one another. It really should make us wonder why we even play the game. It sounds like we really can’t win or gain anything spectacular. Meanwhile, there are people out there who make out like bandits and probably don’t care about what happens to others. And this applies to all political parties, ideologies, organizations, groups, and labels no matter where on the spectrum.

There are always people at the top of all the aforementioned groupings and they are living it up. They have nice homes, attend great parties, and get to participate in molding the world, but probably don’t consider us. These people exist throughout the entire political spectrum and a good amount of them aren’t even elected.

The whole game is probably to pit us against one another to serve as a distraction while they are off doing things behind closed doors. They will give us some information, but the real stuff is hidden. I’ll bet that if we got wind of what THAT information was, it would flip our entire perception of politics on its head. What we’re arguing with is what we’re allowed to have.

Now, how do we go about politic’s reset?

It makes a person wonder if we were to stop fighting with each other, would that throw someone’s plans out of whack? Here’s a point I would really like people to ponder:

What if there were no political parties, ideologies, organizations, groups, or labels? How would we know who or what to hate? How would politics be discussed?

Complete detachment from the team

The more I think about it, I wasn’t responsible for any of that. I didn’t create it, none of it. So why should I have to be any of those things? The truth is, I don’t have to, so I choose to no longer participate. Now, all that I’m left with are the names of individuals and what information they have to offer. This is huge. Because the decision is mine to make whereas it used to be made for me by someone else.

Math comes into play here too. So if an individual starts talking about politics, it is only one person…one. If you divide one person into the U.S. population of roughly 330,000,000, the result is 0.000000003 rounded. That’s 3 billionths of a percentage. Now that person is too statistically insignificant. It doesn’t matter if they are on TV, on a blog, radio, or sitting right next to me. If they start talking about politics, they carry that tiny numerical designation. People are now too small to agree with or disagree with. They are just big enough to have a way of looking at a topic. That’s it.

Custom build a unique knowledge base

So now my focus is no longer based on which team I belong to, rather than what the next perspective is going to be. After all, there is very minimal harm in looking at a topic 5, 10, or a thousand different ways. Do this enough and the need for political parties, ideologies, etc. goes away.

Now when someone is talking about a political topic, I love to go “That’s a unique way of looking at it, but what do you think the next one will be?” To someone who is used to traditional politics where there will be an agreement or an argument, this creates a pause for thought. It takes them down a different path and helps them realize they aren’t the only people thinking things. Tell them the math, and that the odds are pretty much 100% that the next perspective will be different. Try this if you can. I would very much be interested in what the responses are.

Admit that the math applies to us too

This one was difficult. For some people, this will be like smoking cigarettes for 20 years and having to quit. I had some trouble with this myself. It may take time, but trust me, it’s very much worth it.

Being correct in politics is no longer feasible. So I no longer try. You will see in upcoming posts that I am perfectly willing to admit that I have never been correct in politics a day in my life. Can you imagine saying that especially in this climate? That would be a tough pill to swallow…and it was. But hear me out.

As I mentioned earlier. Politics is vast, so much so that it’s like we’re dipping a shot glass into a lake of information every day. We might get some things, but it is impossible to get everything. We miss a ton. What people tend to do to compensate for this is fall into these groups and then let beliefs run the show. This simplifies what information we get. My beliefs do not run the show, information does. I demoted beliefs and haven’t looked back. But, in the end, my beliefs thanked me because now they can breathe as the information keeps coming in. When they were in charge of my information, everything was choked. I was suffocating and my mental health was paying the price.

Oddly enough, what happened is that I became far wiser than I was when doing politics the old way. I also lost my anger and found that it was now difficult to hate people. At the end of the day, it turns out I never wanted to hate people. All this just by admitting that being correct was something I was never going to be. It turned everything on a dime.